Helmi Ben Saida

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Responsable Marketing & Export, Colmar S. A.

COLMAR S.A. has been founded in 1978 to manufacture high quality Leaf spring suspension which is used in automotive sector; this includes commercial trailer, heavy equipment, light trailer and passenger car. Our company is based in Teboulba / Tunisia which makes 8000 meter square closed and 20000 meter square total area. Our product branded COLMAR are manufactured under high technology, advanced machinery technology and updated product analysis systems. Our quality system is ISO TS /16949. Beside the after-market COLMAR, is the supplier of many local and foreign OEM partnership COLMAR foreign market sales is %85 with over 39 countries which makes COLMAR a global manufacturer and supplier. In the last 5 years, we have increased our production range, technology, investments and capacity to a higher level which today has given us the force to be the leading leaf spring manufacture with a strong brand, Our focus is to satisfy our customers with height quality product, reduced costs

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