Annette Jump

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Research Director, Gartner

Annette Jump is a Research Director in Gartner Research, where she is part of the Worldwide Personal Technologies team. In her research, Ms. Jump is focused on the following areas: - Total personal technology market and spending - Role of devices in the smart workspace of the future - Immersive experience markets (augmented and virtual reality): competitive landscape, market trends, vertical adoption and future development scenarios - Device selection (PCs, tablets, smartphone, etc.) for business buyers; evaluation of leading tech providers across various device segments - Device and wearables market trends and emerging technologies - Operating systems market: Windows, Mac OS/iOS, Android. Windows 10 and its adoption in the market - Virtual personal assistants (Apple's Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant) - The IoT's impact on device providers - Users' usage of devices at home and workplace.

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