Lucile Merra

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Managing Director, Eureka Time

Managing Director @ Eureka Time - a New Media Agency Docteur en sociologie - PhD. Enseignante EM Lyon / Celsa Spécialiste d'Internet et des nouveaux médias My background is Marketing, Communication and Sociology. I specialize in research studies and strategies on digital communication platforms. With a proven understanding of social media, digital trends, community behaviour and interaction, I have developed strong expertise in all areas of new media. My ability to identify and communicate with audiences and opinion targets, through innovative approaches, provides customer insight and knowledge. I am : 

Entrepreneur and Managing Director at Eureka Time. 
Researcher at Sorbonne and Teacher at Celsa.
 New media expert and sociologist (PhD). 

My career start was in advertising agencies, then CRM and digital, working mostly on brand image and creativity for high value customers. In 2008 I founded my own agency.

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