Paolo Ardemagni

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Service Commercial, SentinelOne

With over twenty years’ experience in the IT industry, mainly in Security and Networking, Paolo is a charismatic leader well recognised in the IT community. A strong team builder with extensive experience in recruiting and managing teams in remote locations. His management style is one of strong leadership, taking responsibility with an entrepreneurial approach and a 360° business orientation. He demonstrates trust, loyalty, commitment, and a willingness to learn and grow with the company. An analytical thinker, he has an hands on approach and can-do attitude. A confident speaker and communicator in the IT community (IDC Conferences and similar events in Europe) he drives and delivers the local strategic direction and directs worldwide strategy Specialties: Security Services and Products.Networking and IT in general

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  • Cybersécurité : le syndrome du héros

    Chronique de Paolo Ardemagni, SentinelOne
    Selon la définition, un héros est un guerrier illustre qui se distingue par ses exploits. Mais qu'est-ce que l'héroïsme dans la cybersécurité ?