Thomas Goubau

Chroniques de Thomas Goubau

CEO, Aproplan

After graduating in Belgium from the KU Leuven, Thomas worked 7 years at BT Global Services around the world before doing his MBA at INSEAD. His passion for solving complex problem using software lead him to co-founded Aproplan in 2012. Aproplan leads the way in the introduction of user friendly, digital and lean processes in the construction industry. These processes reduce errors and mental load, helping teams achieve higher productivity and profitability. At team level, Aproplan completely eliminates the need for pen and paper by offering an uncomplicated, at-the-fingertips digital process that fits seamlessly into existing workflows and dramatically increases productivity. With Aproplan, the building process becomes truly scalable. He’s a father of three amazing little boys and a extraordinary wife who keeps him busy when he is not on the construction field.

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