Guidioni Lowé

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Agent de Communication et Marketing, CDB

My name is Guidioni (Gid-ee-own-ee) Lowe, and I was the Resource development and communications officer for Habitat for Humanity Cameroon from July 2007 to June 2012. I joined the HFH Cameroon team in September 2007 after earning a diploma of sciences and techniques; I studied information and communication. With Habitat, I work with all of our donors to ensure they understand our projects and how their donations are used. I present reports on the progress of our projects and communicate actively with all of our partners. I also focus on local fundraising trying to engage more support from our partners within Cameroon. Lastly, I help our national director develop a fundraising action plan, and I ensure its proper implementation; this requires me to work with local businesses, corporations, individuals, and churches – a job I love dearly! I am now in Montreal, working as Communications and Marketing Specialist for a Social Ecomomy Enterprise.

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