Mohammed Kerboua

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2010-2015: Diploma of Doctor in Sciences 2015: Training in presentation and performance in Television at BBC School. 2013-2014: Diploma of post-graduation specialized at Petroleum Algerian Institute (IAP-SONATRACH). 2013: Formation in English multi-media at Petroleum Algerian Institute (IAP) 2012: Professor in University 2008-2011: Diploma of post-graduation specialized in Geotechnics and Environment 2008-2010: Diploma of post-graduation specialized in Calculates Structures in Technological science. 2008: Formation Specialized in China South-eastern University of Nanjing. 2002-2007: Diploma for the occupation of Engineer of State in Civil engineering 2005: Taking part in the CIPAT 2002: Secondary School Diploma with Passable Mention, Mathematics Series.

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