Pascal Vitale

Chroniques de Pascal Vitale

Business Development Manager, NFA Holding

Pascal was the “originator” of this fantastic adventure beginning 2003 and one of the founders of TPD following the acquisition of his previous company in June 2003. Pascal started his career in the oil business with Neyrfor-Neyrtec (Alsthom group) in August 1980 as Turbodrilling engineer into the upcoming business of turbine drilling using high speed downhole motors to drive the drill bits. Following a few years of field experience, Pascal moved into a supervisory role and moved through the ranks to Base Manager, Area Manager and at final Business Development & Marketing position. After 23 years in turbine drilling services and based on his strong connections mainly in the Middle East, he then devoted his time with some colleagues to start a new company to provide a new provider of turbodrilling services to the Oil & Gas industry.

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