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Consultant, Formateur adwords

Initially a web developer in an IT services company, while working as a consultant within web agencies I've added digital and advertising skills to my profile such as SEO, SEA, Adwords, community management, traffic management, webmastering, web design, responsive design, web analytics, emailing and more. Still a web technician with an engineering degree, companies hire me for particularly complex internet and/or software projects. Most recently --to give one example-- I’ve been working to increase sales of online stores that make a turnover exceeding 17 million euros. Furthermore, as a senior-level webmarketer, a training instute recently hired me to teach the keys of digital and e-commerce transformation, including such topics as how to be particularly visible on the web, press and social medias, modernizing brand image, outperforming the competition, and winning global or local market shares through web or m-commerce

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